Our Programs and Events

At The EI Collaborative we offer a range of Programs for individuals, organisations and associations. You can also come and catch us at one of our own events, or as keynote speakers around Australia. 

Transformational Leadership Program

The Transformational Leadership Program is a 6 month emotional intelligence program for modern leaders. The program includes a three day intensive immersive learning experience, and is packed with a range of reports, coaching services and access to a mobile learning portal. 

A mobile learning portal for interactive learning

The Mobile Learning Portal encourages active learning, with ready to use templates and applied workplace tasks. A reflective learning journal helps learners track their progress and growth, conveniently providing a space for coaches and line managers to provide feedback to their staff.

Association Partnered Program

The Associated Partnered Program offers associations exclusive member only pricing for the Transformational Leadership Program, with a host of added benefits, including access to our nationally accredited coaches for four keynotes, webinars or blogs per year

National Education Summit

Dates: Fri 28 – Sat 29 August

Location: Melbourne

Join principals, school leaders and educators from K-12 at the National Education Summit.

In-house Customised Programs

Our in-house customise programs provide a custom learning journey, specific to your organisational objectives and values. Programs are designed and delivered by The EI Collaborative, with a strong emphasis on embedding the outcomes throughout the organisation.

What People Are Saying

“Thankyou Carrie for your amazing strategies that you shared with us. They are really useful. You modelled for us how an effective leader can make learning and working together positive,  lively and enjoyable.”

Lin | July 2019 | Changsha, Hunan Province, China

“Sarah Yip facilitated one of the most engaging and interesting courses I have ever attended. Sarah has a genuine personality and a brilliant ability to bring people together.

Thomas | 2019

“Amy was fantastic and the conversation was so rich and a perfect ending to the day. Really interesting presentation. Made me think back and reflect on myself a lot. Very natural and engaging with the crowd. Thoroughly enjoyed the session.

Melanie | May 2017

“Susan provided great education on how to read and retain staff by understanding how their personality affects their performance .”

Nathan | 2018