Make emotional intelligence part of your workplace future

Automations and artificial intelligence are creating a fundamental shift in the way we work and in the human skills we’re seeking. How are you preparing for this shift?

Emotional Intelligence is the critical factor

There’s no denying that Emotional Intelligence is, and will continue to be, a critical factor that sets great leaders apart from the rest. The World Economic Forum, Forbes and the Harvard Business Review all cite Emotional Intelligence as a capability of top performers. Emotional Intelligence affects how we manage behaviour, navigate social complexities and make personal decisions to achieve positive results.


90% of top performers have high Emotional Intelligence

People with high Emotional Intelligence make $29,000 more annually than their lower Emotional Intelligence counterparts


Emotional Intelligence is reponsible for 58% of your job performance

The EI Collaborative is on a mission to amplify the profile of emotional intelligence as a key capability in the modern workplace

This has never been more critical than right now; in a world of digital transformation, where automations and artificial intelligence are replacing human tasks, our mission is to ensure individuals and teams are making ethical decisions, taking sustainable approaches and integrating innovative practices. We do this because the future of humanity is important for everyone.

Develop a renewed sense of self


Build empathy amongst self, teams and colleagues


Create and lead teams with greater agility and adaptability


Ethical decision making with a strong knowledge of sustainability

Who we are

We are four of Australia’s leading Emotional Intelligence specialists – Sarah Yip, Carrie Benedet, Amy Stewart and Susan Judd.

We are Genos certified to run the Genos Ignite programs and we are Accredited Facilitators in Everything DiSC. This means our content is rich in knowledge, up to date, we use real-life examples and our workshops are engaging and interactive. You walk away with great experience, ready to put straight into practice.

Our Unique Values

Fostering Genuine Human Connections

Courageously Embracing Diversity of Thought

Triggering Insights for Growth and Performance

Nurturing Community through Generosity

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