Amplify your human capabilities for optimal engagement

The EI Collaborative is on a mission to teach and highlight the importance of emotional intelligence as a key capability for the future of work. We do this through a range of tailored and immersive programs designed to amplify emotional intelligence.

Building emotional intelligence capability

The EI Collaborative work with organisations who are ready to experience positive change and amplify the emotional intelligence of their leaders.

Our 100% tailored programs are run by some of Australia’s leading nationally certified emotional intelligence professionals. We focus on a hands-on approach that gets people out of their seats and interacting and engaging with others.

Helping organisations through transformation

Our programs are designed for businesses and individuals who are ready to consciously transform the way they work and lead, particularly in cite of the workplace of the future. 

As coaches, we have the skills and expertise to actively support and guide the change process, and help organisations and individuals build stronger more empathetic relationships along the way. Transformation begins at the top, so we focus on the executive leadership, encouraging them to be part of the change by developing new mindsets and capabilities.

A mobile learning portal for interactive learning

As part of our programs, The EI Collaborative provides a Mobile Learning Portal. The Portal encourages active learning, with ready to use templates and applied workplace tasks. A reflective learning journal helps learners track their progress and growth conveniently providing a space for coaches and line managers to provide feedback to their staff on their development.

Our Programs

At The EI Collaborative we offer a range of Programs for individuals, organisations and associations. You can also come and catch us at one of our own events, or as keynote speakers around Australia. 

What People Are Saying

I love sessions on emotional intelligence. People who are emotionally intelligent are not afraid to enter into the tough conversations or have robust meetings. However they do know when is the right time to have the conversation and the right message to bring. Great session.

Women in Strategy Leadership Summit, 2018

“As my facilitator, Sarah made a lasting positive impact on my personal and professional development. She has an innate ability to connect with her audience and share knowledge in engaging and innovative ways. If you wish to unleas the potential of your workforce and empower your teams, then engage the ever inspiring and authentic Sarah and watch your workplace thrive.

Chelsea | Manager, Department of Transport and Main Roads

“Carrie has a wealth of experience and is someone that puts their whole self into the sessions. Her ability to empathise and share her personal stories to help get a message out is admirable. Carrie’s approach to these sessions is thoughtful, authentic and helpful. Carrie thank you so much again for these sessions in 2019. They have been a gift to not just me   but the entire team. I have noticed a change in my specific approaches, and I feel more confident with my interactions at work across the team.”

Damian | Lasallian Missions

“A wonderful positive interaction where the whole group participated. Learning
outcomes achieved. Really appreciate Susan’s efforts and energy.”

Michael | Compass Lending and Finance